Never again use a ladder to hang your advertising signs!

Do you hang signs like these on a regular basis?



Do you use a ladder when you do it?   


Then read on because the  SignHammer  is going to be your new best friend!

A key ingredient to the success of any business is effective advertising.  Compared to nearly all other methods, a campaign of well-placed signs has proven itself time after time as one of the best ways to draw customers.  It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to get votes for a political campaign, bring in customers for your carpet cleaning business or get more calls for your real estate investing efforts.  Well-designed signage consistently placed in high-traffic and high-visibility areas works. 

Signs placed at ground level and with wire stands don’t have a chance of survival though.  If you use signs on a regular basis you’re probably aware the higher they are the better.  Generally speaking, the harder your signs are to hang the longer they’ll stay up.  Before now, that has required the use of a ladder. 

But using a ladder is dangerous and inconvenient.  Did you know that according to the latest statistics (the 1998 Home Accident Surveillance data) one person a week is killed in accidents involving ladders and another 40,000 a year require hospital treatment?  It’s true!  How often do you find level ground on which to place the ladder?  Is a round telephone pole a very stable surface on which to lean?  Do you like dragging a ladder in and out of your car (often at night) every time you need to hang a sign?  No?  Is it a PAIN??  Yes it is.  But not anymore.

Introducing your new best friend when it comes to hanging signs…

the   SignHammer

The SignHammer  was developed because we were tired of using a ladder and tired of not having a ladder in the car when we needed it.  By using the SignHammer  you’ll be able to hang all of your signs 8-9 feet off the ground (plenty high enough to discourage their removal) and do so while your feet remain safely on the ground.  Best of all, the SignHammer  easily fits in your trunk so you’ll always be ready to hang your sign in that “perfect” spot. 

Bottom line? If hanging signs is part of your advertising program, then you can’t be without the SignHammer.

It will take your sign advertising, and thus your business, to the next level.

Each indispensable SignHammer  is just $54.95 plus shipping.

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"Dump the ladder.  Grab the HAMMER!"



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